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We all like being the center of attention now and then but our heroine, Wink Wink, has had enough!

Help protect her from wave after wave of onslaught from the Wonks...which you’ll notice look a lot like sperm. Use power-ups like Force Field and Vortex to get Wink Wink out of a tight spot. But beware—you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Test your skills, collect coins, and upgrade to stay one step ahead of the Wonks. Flick and combine enemies for greater scores and rewards.


  • » Fast-paced flicking action
  • » Intense wave-based gameplay
  • » Tons of crazy and colorful enemies
  • » Work your way through beautiful environments
  • » Unlock achievements for big rewards
  • » Use special power-ups, upgrades, and boosts to keep Wink Wink safe
Download Wink Wink for free on iPhone and Android

Wink Wink, the newest app from Bedsider, lets you have fun vanquishing persistent Wonks on a smartphone or tablet. Wink Wink was created to raise money for Bedsider so we can continue to help you find the best method of birth control, stay on it, and use it successfully. Get it today in App Store and Google Play.

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