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Thanks, Birth Control Day is on 11/12/14. Until then, check out last year's free (and funny) postcards and let everyone know just how awesome life is on birth control.



"Happy Thanks, Birth Control Day, everybody!! That's right! This is a real holiday people! If you didn't know about it, don't worry. It probably has something to do with the fact that this is the very 1st year that we're celebrating it!"— Perez Hilton

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For a limited time, Bedsider Insiders can earn our exclusive Thanks, Birth Control badge for showing up here and saying #thxbirthcontrol.

What does birth control make possible for you?

Birth control gives you the freedom to plan a family on your own terms. It allows you to work or travel or pursue your dreams before you're ready to have a baby. It's there when you want to have smokin' hot sex and not get pregnant. It makes so much possible. No wonder 99% of US women have used it.

Please join us in saying "Thanks, Birth Control" and share these postcards. Or use the hashtag #ThxBirthControl to give a shoutout in your own words.