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  • Are IUDs safe for women who haven't had kids?
  • Is there a vaginal ring that doesn't have estrogen?
  • If I'm using another method of birth control, do I still have to use condoms?
  • Can I take out my diaphragm as soon as I’m done having sex?
  • Can my partner feel the diaphragm?
  • My boyfriend and I want to be intimate but we don't want to have intercourse at this point. Any suggestions?
  • How do I insert the cervical cap?
  • Should I really use condoms for oral sex?
  • Are Depo shot users more likely to break a bone?
  • Will birth control make me gain weight?
  • Does birth control make you infertile?
  • Can I get pregnant from anal sex?
  • Is bacterial vaginosis an STI?
  • Does being overweight affect how well birth control works?
  • Won't the shots make my bones thinner?
  • How effective is the patch at preventing pregnancy?
  • If I am using enzyme inducers (such as Dilantin the antibiotics rifampicin or griseofulvin, or St. John's Wort), will it make emergency contraceptive pills less effective?
  • What are my options if I want something more effective than withdrawal, but don't want to visit a doctor?
  • Will the patch fall off?
  • Does the ring ever fall out?
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