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Frisky Friday Top 5: Where to have YOLO sex

Every so often, it’s good to shake things up, leave your bedroom behind, shed inhibitions, and have the kind of sex you never, ever forget. Here’s our short list of where to have YOLO sex. If you try them, do use birth control and please don’t get caught in the act.

Big Night Out
You’re out. You can’t keep your hands off each other. You don’t want to go home, but you do want to get it on.

Try doing it in a limo (not a cab); in the club bathroom (don’t touch anything but each other); at a party in any out of the way room (closets count); in your car; and if your evening includes attending a wedding, sneak off for some reception sex. (In the movies they always seem to do it in the coat check room. You might want to start there.)

In Another Country
Have an “O” in Osaka. Do it in Dubrovnik. Climax in Katmandu. Bangkok. (We don’t even need to tell you what to do in Bangkok.) Being surrounded by foreign history, culture, sights, scents, sounds, and flavors, has a way of making everything feel more exotic and adventurous.

Try doing it on a train; on the deck of an overnight ferry; in a hostel; or on some ancient cobblestone street, in a hidden centuries old doorway, barely lit by moonlight. (Warning: Know the severity of getting busted and thrown into another country’s jail. In some countries, public sex could result in scary prison time, so be extra cautious when traveling.)

In a Posh Hotel Room
Now that we’ve scared you with that in-another-country warning, let us offer a solution: Hotel sex. In most hotel rooms the main attraction is the bed, followed by the bathroom or balcony.

Try messing up the plush bedding and crisp white sheets; shower together; bring some travel candles and draw a bath for two; wear nothing under those hotel robes and disrobe often; bring fantasy lingerie you wouldn’t usually wear at home; and try some discrete balcony sex if your room has one and the weather permits.

On The Water
Not in the water. On it. Why would we suggest this? Waves are great for sex. Just follow the water’s rhythmic motion and rock that boat.

Try it in a speedboat; on a yacht; in a dingy; on a catamaran; and canoes might be too tipsy, but a floating dock will do. Rafts and inner tubes? Good luck with that.

At Your Parents’ Home, Especially During a Family Function
Cheeky? Naughty? Sneaky? Risqué? Yep. We don’t mean any disrespect towards mom and dad. It’s just that doing it when your parents are around brings out all those sex-crazed teenager feelings and that’s kind of hot. And so are quickies and sneaking off to get some.

Try it in your old room (if there’s a lock on the door); in a bathroom; in a car in the garage; in your old tree house; on the back stoop; or in the laundry room (bonus if a machine’s in use and vibrating).

Mind blowing sex can happen anywhere, so don’t feel like you have to be some place exotic or adventurous to experience it. But if you do feel like mixing it up, these places can add some excitement. Where else should we be having YOLO sex? Disneyland? At a concert? At the office? We want to hear about it in the comments on Bedsider.

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what is YOLO?

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One of my all time favorite YOLO adventures was on a lake sitting on the step of a lake front in the middle of weekend. A levee blocked the street view. We were talking. She was new to to the area and had never been there before. We gave each other that look, started kissing, she climbed on top as we and did the business. But thats not it. In the middle of our adventure it started to rain. And just as the rain stopped so did we...cant recreate that moment if I tried.

2012-11-09 23:17:34 UTC


My favorite YOLO sex was just last week, I had just gotten off the plane from vacation. 2 weeks without each other had really built up, and we just took the elevator to the top of the parking garage and he did it from behind over the edge. There are no security cameras up there :) Just the sky and a nice view!

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