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The Frisky Friday Top Five: How to say period without saying period

Sometimes we’re happy to get it. (As in, OMG I just got my period and I’m so glad I’m not pregnant and it’s really time to upgrade my method of birth control right-effing-now.) Other times not so much. (As in, did it have to last my entire vacation?) And nowadays, thanks to birth control, we’re even able to plan for it or skip it altogether. But, no matter how you feel about menstrual cycles, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Having a period has inspired a lot of slang.

How to fake stuff when you need to CYA

First of all, CYA stands for “cover your ass” in case you did not know.

Secondly, we want you to live authentically and feel good about the stuff you care about—and what you don’t. That’s why we would never advise you to fake things like orgasms or feelings. But there might be times when you need certain skills that you just haven’t developed yet. This guide is for faking it through those situations so you can enjoy the experience without getting hung up.