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Frisky Friday Top 5: Awesome sexologists

Anthropology. Psychology. Biology. Sociology. Medicine. Sexologists draw from a wide range of disciplines in their scientific study of human sexuality and their work can range from research and academia to opening an office and providing therapy. This is a short list of modern sexologists we respect and appreciate, but we know there are more out there. If you have a favorite, please tell us in the comments and we’ll add them to our Part 2.

Frisky Friday Top 5: Nude beaches

There’s a unique kind of freedom that comes with getting naked on a public beach. It can be liberating to go where being au naturel is no big deal and let go of what you might normally want to hide. And it’s one helluva way to work on your vitamin D. If you go, make sure you bring someone who’s up for the adventure and a ton of SPF 50. And you better work that sunscreen over your entire body, especially places that don’t usually see the sun, if you know what we mean.