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TMI: Can you really share too much?

You know how much we appreciate honest conversations about sexual health and birth control. And we love talking intimately about life and relationships. We also love it when you’re chatty, effusive, candid, and loquacious. Hell, we even like it when you’re mouthy, snarky, boisterous, and blunt.

But can you go too far or reveal too much?

January extended horoscopes: Your 2015 sneak preview is here!



In the coming year, we wish you more. More of what you hope for. More of what you need. More love, luck, health, happiness, courage, excitement, sass, and sex. We want you to enjoy your birth control and the peace of mind that comes with it. And we want you to squeeze more out of 2015’s 365 days so you get even more out of life.