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senseless acts

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Maybe a micro-thin piece of latex isn’t that bad after all.

Now let's be honest, if he's having an orgasm, he can obviously feel something.

2011-11-18 16:15:55 UTC

Alison Brown

Though this is a site primarily for females, I would've liked to hear from a male doctor, because he most likely would have first-hand experience using a condom. But the doctor does make up for this by testing the condom on her hand, but I have to wonder, is it really the same on a hand versus a penis? Just my opinion.

2012-01-20 22:22:28 UTC


I would say your genitals are more sensitive than your hands. Pinch your finger, then pinch your genitals. Huge difference. 

2012-02-16 00:45:45 UTC


A penis is more sensitive than a hand, so if you could feel it on your hand then you could probbly feel it better on the penis

2012-02-20 23:57:08 UTC


as a male id like to say ive never finished/orgasmed while wearing a condom so i suppose it depends on the male cause i have alot of friends that say they have been lifesavers as well prolly the majority of men can feel but some of us cant.

2012-09-23 15:19:33 UTC


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