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Hear real women and men share their very real experiences with different methods of birth control.

kimberly, 29, iud

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There's a lot Kimberly likes about her ParaGard IUD: it's non-hormonal, lasts 10 years, and is over 99.9% effective. And now that she's unemployed and uninsured, this mom likes that she paid for it up front and doesn't have to find money each month for birth control.

So what about those pesky cramps she sometimes gets? They can be severe, no doubt. But all those other good side effects win out—it's still the best method for her.

I can't really even remember to take vitamins.
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"If I want a plastic feeling, I'd use one of my toys." Amen, sister! $400 for 10 years vs. $50/month for pills, or - heaven forbid - the price of taking care of a child, makes it worth it. 

2011-11-15 01:36:29 UTC


I like the idea of the copper IUD. I dont mind cramps. its a lot less to worry about than what synthetic hormones are doing to my body.

2012-01-22 02:49:22 UTC



2012-03-14 02:01:34 UTC


Does it make you gain any weight?

2012-04-08 06:24:38 UTC


Thanks for your question! The short answer is no, but we recommend our Provider Perspective on birth control and weight gain for more information:

2013-06-21 21:04:25 UTC

Bedsider Staff

Thanks for your question! The short answer is no, but we recommend our Provider Perspective on birth control and weight gain for more information:

2013-06-21 21:04:25 UTC

Bedsider Staff

I am 23 years old and before I went to get my Paragard I'd never been to the gyno so I was extra scared but I'm happy to report it went really well. I'm writing this post to spread the word that not all Paragard insertions are EXTREMELY PAINFUL like pretty much all the forums say and more women should give it a shot. More info on me: I am petite (5'3" and 100lbs), hardly EVER get menstrual cramps and when I do they're not bad, have an average period (two heavy days, three light, spotting a day or two before and after), I have a low to average pain tolerance, never had children, never been on the pill, I've never even had intercourse! But I plan on it soon, hence the Paragard. There are so many reviews out there so I'll share a condensed version of my experience. -My ibuprofen was four hours old. So they gave me more right there in the exam room. -I wasn't on my period. It ended 2-3 days prior to the appointment. -I didn't take any cervix softeners. -The most painful part (where a metal instrument is stuck through the cervix and into the uterus to measure) lasted for less than two deep inhale/exhales and was less painful than getting your ears pierced. It was not a sharp pain like a piercing though, hard to explain. -The other parts were just uncomfortable, not painful. Entire procedure lasted 7 minutes-ish. -Everything went normally according to the NP. -I started cramping as soon as the Paragard was in. Moderate menstrual cramps is what they felt like. -The NP told me no sex or anything else in the vagina for two weeks and my first period use pads, not a menstrual cup(NOOOO). -Afterward I went to the mall and the bookstore, cramps were uncomfortable but not bad, then I went home and took it easy the rest of the day. -I experienced bleeding, but not a lot. I used the big pad they gave me then pantyliners the rest of the time. -That night I had trouble falling asleep cuz I'm not used to having cramps. I didn't take any ibuprofen but I had a warm water bottle on my tummy. -Day 2: cramps weren't fun but they didn't prevent me from doing anything. Still bleeding but still pantyliners did the trick. -The cramps and the bleeding decreased everyday. I am on day 7 and having just the smallest amount of discharge and a random little cramp. Overview: everyone's different! Just because it was horrible for someone doesn't mean it will be horrible for you and vice versa. Either way, I'm sure it's less painful than the alternative. ;)

2013-09-05 04:34:04 UTC


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