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Sorry ladies, no guy is too big for a condom! Condoms come in many sizes and kinds and can really be fun to use. And using a condom is the best way to avoid getting or spreading infections like chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV.

TRuE. As guy I know first had they "size" does matter, but finding a comfortable condom is possible!

2011-11-15 00:02:01 UTC

Charles Mathers

She didn't necessarily say why the couple might have this fallacy. Perhaps her boyfriend is not putting the condom on correctly, and his frustration with getting it on leads him to declare himself "too large"? I find this more likely than the possibility that he has to special order condoms. Even the prosthetics (fake plastic penises) used in pronogrophy seem to fit in just fine.

2011-11-15 07:59:46 UTC


Why "sorry, ladies"? The phrasing makes it sound like women are being stupid/gullible if they didn't know this already or are at fault for not calling out a partner who tries to avoid using condoms. If anything it should be "sorry, guys" or just "here's the truth." 

2011-11-22 01:28:32 UTC


When I worked as an HIV educator, we would blow up a condom like a balloon. When it was inflated to about the size of your head. We'd suggest that if a guy was truly "too big" for a condom, he was WAY too big to penetrate a partner.

2011-11-22 20:59:03 UTC


If a man knows he is "extra large" then he should know..... before he even dates you, where and what kind of condoms to buy.  He need s to take control of his own protection! If he is active then he should be prepared and ready to go!  

2011-12-01 06:11:40 UTC


My boyfriend's penis is truly extra large - I won't go into details but also uncircumcised. Which can also add a challenge.  We tried the Gold  XL Trojans from the stores and went  on line for a company where they said was XXL.  Yes, they kept ripping & tearing but what we learned was that if we put it on slowly and more carefully they wouldn't break. But we also always use a backup with me.  We bought a whole extra box and made a date where all we did was practice.  Yes, not getting pregnant is that important to us and if it is to you too, then practice.

2011-12-01 06:13:27 UTC


It's "sorry, ladies" because they are in for some major disappointment if they think dicks are that big.

2011-12-04 18:02:35 UTC

Kristin Evans

I disagree the condom will fit but it squeezes too tightly and makes sex very uncomfortable/painful and yes that is wit the magnum xl. Also the magnum XL is the widest condom available is has very thick latex so neither partner feels that much. So STD testing a trustworthy partner and other forms of birth control is how it has to happen.

2011-12-20 15:00:51 UTC


Catty much?

2012-01-20 22:11:36 UTC


Love the site. Hate this. It's just 'nuh uh'. I'd like to see some guy that says "I've got a huge wang, like 13" long and 3" in diameter, and I fit, so you can..." And maybe some actual official condom capabilities that show a condom fits up to a certain length/girth safely (like in the act, not just to cover). That would provide evidence rather than just an unsupported and uncited assertion.

2012-02-08 02:23:34 UTC

Jason Torpy

if condoms really block the sensation then why do we never hear about people having an overwhelming surge of feels and sensations when one rips? 

2012-04-18 02:18:00 UTC

maybe its all in your head

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and we used condoms for the first year of our relationship and one day we ran out of condoms so when the heat of the moment started to happen and we stopped using condoms we just kept putting it off until one day we tried to get back on the condoms regimen he said they just felt uncomfortable to him they squeezed his "log" to much *^_^* so we decide to try magnums and he feels more comfortable with them one we still sometimes slip up but, I am on birth control now so its a step in the right direction for us

2012-04-27 01:01:48 UTC


This article is wrong...I am too wide for the largest condoms sold in the US. At 6.5" inches wide I am strangled in Magnums XXL...the base is very painful. The penis width pushes the condom from the base to the 6.25" mid-shaft. It's also very tight mid-shaft. The whole experience is just uncomfortable and I rarely climax. Which makes the women think I am not attracted to her...especially when she sees me try to pry the stupid condom off my semi-limp penis. There is a company in Europe that sells custom made condoms but our US government does not allow condoms to be imported. It's actually illegal to import sad. I am 8" length and 6.5" width and don't enjoy sex....ironic.

2012-05-08 23:55:21 UTC

jack h

this is wrong...

2012-05-08 23:56:16 UTC


This site is supposed to educate people on these subjects? Please give some information then. Allright, here goes: The most common way that condoms don't fit is that they are either not wide enough, or too wide. I have a wide penis, which means that almost any condom i put on, if i get them on at all, instantly strangles my erection. The XXL ones are no good, because almost all of them are only LONGER than normal condoms, not WIDER.  I live in europe, there's a specialty brand that sells different width sizes here. They SAVED MY LIFE. I'm quite sure there'll be equivalent brands in the US. Buy them online, try them out, it makes a world of difference. What annoys me the most about this video is the passive approach it teaches to girls. Ladies: none of this "my boyfriend says" crap now. Go put one on. Try again with a special one. And most of all, be cool about it to the guys, because believe it or not, having a big one can be real embarrassing and discouraging, especially if you run into issues like these. 

2012-05-16 01:49:21 UTC


wrong oh- my husband had to use Mag XL's having a ten 1/2 man thing (NOT JOKING) because it was hard as hello to find mag XXL. needless to say we didn't make love as often as I wanted because of it. Mag XL made it turn purple. the mag XXL left a dark red ring around his thing and both would hurt him because of the "fit".  yes i do agree that the article is very wrong. the condon can go on but can hurt the man badly.  if a condom is to tight and causes a dark blood red ring or turn your happy boy a sad purple don't use them, but make sure your lady friend is on birth control, has a plan B pill. not saying that is easy to find out and so not saying your protected from STDs- go get fixed boys to pervent the BIG P- its pain less and reversable- if you ever wanted to have children. you walk in- 30 min. walk back out. that way if it ever came to the big P word. your question would be how? and not what the hell am i going to do now? go to your doctor find out info on it. then you will have no need for condoms other then using them to provent STDs for you big boys out there: there isn't much you can do about the condum sizes but ask your doctor about it and yes you would need to show your boy at its full happy sprit.  comdom sizes go by the average sizes. not saying average is bad. I knew nothing about my husbands thing until after he asked me to marry him. then I ask him if he was born under a noc. power plaint.  JUST A NOTE: try finding the one boyz- be a Gentalman because a real woman with only her love to give- only cares for the size of your heart. but be aware these days they are getting harder to find. don't go jumping in the bed with her ASAP- give her something to think about and take your time for the love of god. get info!!! I hope this helps someone- after all this is coming from a womans point of view.

2012-06-01 07:22:54 UTC


just use a female condom if its "too big"

2012-06-23 12:13:06 UTC



2012-07-17 14:53:52 UTC


Alright, i face the problem of tight condoms. Just FYI, my girth is 7 inches. The average for a man is onlyy barely slightly over half of that. The vast majority of condoms either i cant get on or are so tight that my erection gets killed. Thats large condoms. Trojan magnums are made for men 6 inches in girth and above, they are the large version of trojans which seem to be a bit larger than larges from other brands. These dont completely kill my erection right away but sex doesnt even feel good enough for my decreased circulation and so it still hurts a bit. Ive never had an orgasm with one on, im just not seensative enough to do that. My length and girth sort of change depending on when i last had an orgasm so that effects it a bit. It can be the difference between 8x7 inches and 10x8. Dont believe me? About 90% of girls cant fit their fingers around it. I have to try to climax without the thing on and when i do use one its embarrassing. Im in a long term relationship with the girl i love and when we have sex she has more orgasms than she can count and yet i struggle so hard to reach one. Thats during intercourse, i dont need to waste that time on foreplay orgasms. My sex life sucks. From a girls perspective its amazing but i cant even enjoy what most men think of as a blessing. I could sit there and have sex with the hottest woman on earth, or the best in bed probably and not climax. And when its that good, i have to worry about pregnancy every month. Im too big for a condom. Sex is nothin with it. Say what you want, but its a simple fact.

2012-07-31 04:41:19 UTC


It seems that men will try any excuse to prevent using a condom and some females let them.

2012-09-24 18:02:19 UTC

Jessica Mills

My boyfriend and I have tried every extra large size condom out there, even the magnum XXL!! the condoms are so tight he loses blood flow in his penis and usually ends up with a nice back and blue ring around the base of his penis where the condom left a bruise. He can't even get them off sometimes they are so tight. I got on the depo shot to avoid having to use condoms but all that did was make my sex drive disappear completely. I really wish they made bigger condoms or birth control that didnt mess with hormones. Sex has really become un-enjoyable and most of the time frustrating. I can't get wet and he is going crazy with sex rage.

2012-09-25 14:58:30 UTC


Maybe you should try female condoms.

2013-11-04 05:04:06 UTC

Jessica Crowley

Maybe you should try female condoms.

2013-11-04 05:04:06 UTC

Jessica Crowley

Maybe you should try female condoms.

2013-11-04 05:04:06 UTC

Jessica Crowley

Really? Are people still falling for that crap? Even in 2013 you would think young people would know better.

2013-11-30 22:14:27 UTC

Lanie White

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