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the good, the bad, the barren

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You do it, do it, do it and never get pregnant. Does that mean you’re infertile?

I have Polycysctic Ovarian Syndrome AND Endometriosis and was told I'd have a very difficult time conceiving.  I always used birth control...once my sponge fell out during my fertile time and guess what?  I conceived!  I was glad and my son is 23 now.  NEVER depend on 'I'm barren' for birth control, you'll get a surprise for sure!

2011-11-23 20:21:06 UTC

Ramona Jackson

I thought the same and I was too embarrassed to say anything but me and bf of 2yrs never used anything but when we broke up I started seeing one of my best friends and guess what? Ha I got oregnant my daughters 3months old. I'm 20yrs old. Love my daughter more than anything but I kind of wish I asked my doctor about birth controll.

2012-02-06 12:39:19 UTC


My husband and I never used protection and we've been together for twelve years.  I thought I just could not get pregnant. Last year I had surgery to remove my left ovary because it collapsed after a cyst grew out of control. 3 months later I got pregnant with my first ( baby boy due may). My doctor told me that the cysts , I have one now on my right ovary (not affecting the pregnancy), were causing me to appear barren but were actually making it difficult but not imppossible  to concieve.

2012-02-11 05:36:05 UTC


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